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Thin Kerf Saw Blades

Popular Tools Thin Kerf saw blades keep material waste to a minimum and require less horsepower to cut the material efficiently, making them ideal for use on under-powered saws such as portable or benchtop models.  Use these Popular Tools Thin Kerf Blades in place of standard kerf blades.

To keep these Thin Kerf Saw Blades straigh when cutting and increase cutting accuracy, try Popular Tools Saw Blade Stabilizers.

Note: These blades are not recommended for use on Miter saws due to the aggressive hook angles. 

DiameterTeethBoreKerfPlateDesignHookPart #
8in 60T 5/8in .080in .055in TCG 15deg TH860T
8 1/4in 24T 5/8in .080in .055in ATB 15deg TH82524
8 1/4in 40T 5/8in .080in .055in ATB 15deg TH82540
8 1/4in 60T 5/8in .080in .055in ATB 15deg TH82560A
8 1/2in 40T 5/8in .080in .055in ATB 15deg TH85040
8 1/2in 60T 5/8in .080in .055in ATB 15deg TH8506080
8 1/2in 60T 5/8in .102in .071in TCG 15deg TH85060T
10in 40T 5/8in .080in .055in ATB 15deg TH104080
10in 40T 5/8in .095in .063in ATB 15deg TH104095
10in 60T 5/8in .080in .060in ATB -2deg RATH106080
10in 60T 5/8in .080in .060in ATB 15deg TH106080
10in 60T 5/8in .095in .063in ATB 15deg TH106095
10in 60T 5/8in .095in .063in TCG 15deg TH106095T
10in 80T 5/8in .080in .055in ATB 15deg TH108080
10in 80T 5/8in .095in .063in ATB 15deg TH108095A
10in 80T 5/8in .095in .063in TCG 15deg TH108095T
12in 60T 1in .110in .079in ATB 15deg TH1260
12in 80T 1in .110in .079in ATB -5deg RATH1280A
12in 80T 1in .110in .079in TCG -5deg RATH1280T
12in 80T 1in .110in .079in ATB 15deg TH1280
12in 80T 1in .110in .079in TCG 15deg TH1280T
12in 100T 1in .102in .071in ATB 15deg TH1210A
12in 100T 1in .102in .071in TCG 15deg TH1210T
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