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Mitre and Double Mitre Saw Blades

Popular Tools Miter and Double Miter Saw Blades are the perfect blade for making a super-fine cut in mouldings, picture frames and other light materials.  These blades are available in several different tooth configurations including ATB+R(Alternating Top Bevel + Raker), ATB(Alternating Top Bevel), and CTC (California Triple Chip). 

Choose a Popular Tools Miter or Double Miter Saw With a CTC grind if you want the ability to make clean, smooth cuts in wood and light metals without having to change your blade.

Popular Tools offers a wide variety of blades to ensure you find a saw blade that cuts beautifully and fits your machine and your specific application.  With Popular Tools' strict quality control regulations, you can be sure you are getting the best saw blade with a truly flat plate and a runout of .002" or less.

For heavy aluminum or when only cutting non-ferrous metals, see Non-Ferrous Saws.

Place your order for Popular Tools Saw Blades before 2:30pm ET Mon-Fri to have your order ship same Day

Orders placed after 2:30pm ET and orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship on the next business day.

DiameterTeethBoreKerfPlateDesignHookPart #
8in 60T 5/8in .112in .079in ATB+R -2deg MD860
8 1/2in 40T 5/8in .102in .071in ATB+R -2deg MD85040
9in 60T 5/8in .112in .087in ATB+R 0deg MD960
10in 80T 5/8in .118in .094in ATB+R -2deg MD1080
10in 90T 5/8in .126in .098in CTC -2deg MDC1090
10in 100T 5/8in .118in .094in ATB+R -2deg MD1010
275mm 80T 32mm 3.2mm 2.4mm ATB 15deg MD27580
275mm 100T 32mm 3.0mm 2.4mm ATB+R 0deg MD275100
12in 80T 5/8in .126in .102in ATB -2deg MD1280ATB
12in 80T 5/8in .126in .102in ATB+R -2deg MD1280P
12in 80T 1in .126in .102in ATB+R -2deg MD1280R
12in 96T 5/8in .134in .110in CTC -2deg MDC1296
12in 100T 5/8in .126in .102in ATB+R -2deg MD1210P
12in 100T 1in .126in .102in ATB+R -2deg MD1210R
12in 100T 1in .126in .094in LRLRS 0deg MS-050
13in 90T 1in .145in .118in ATB+R 2deg MD1390
350mm 100T 30mm 3.5mm 2.8mm TCG -2deg MD3503010T
350mm 100T 30mm 4.2mm 2.8mm ATB+R -2deg MD3503010G
14in 80T 5/8in .134in .110in ATB+R -2deg MD1480P
14in 80T 1in .134in .110in ATB+R -2deg MD1480R
14in 100T 5/8in .134in .110in ATB+R -2deg MD1410P
14in 100T 1in .134in .110in ATB+R -2deg MD1410R
15in 100T 1in .138in .098in ATB+R -2deg MS1510

10" and 12" mitre saw blades have 4 laser slits in the plate for vibration and noise control. In addition, the chromed body makes cleaning easy and rust free.

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