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Combination Saw Blades


Popular Tools Combination saw blades are designed for all around use, when rips and crosscuts must be made with one saw blade.

The larger gullets allow deeper cuts and efficient saw dust escape on rip cuts.  The ATB+R tooth design gives you efficiency when ripping while still allowing you to get smooth cuts when cross cutting.  

Consistant quality manufacturing ensures that every Popular Tools Combination Saw Blade will meet tolerances of .002" or less and cut beautifully every time.


Place your order for Popular Tools Saw Blades before 2:30pm ET Mon-Fri to have your order ship same Day

Orders placed after 2:30pm ET and orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship on the next business day.

DiameterTeethBoreKerfPlateDesignHookPart #
7in 40T 5/8in .126in .087in ATB+R 15deg CR740
8in 40T 5/8in .126in .087in ATB+R 15deg CR840
9in 40T 5/8in .126in .087in ATB+R 15deg CR940
10in 40T 5/8in .126in .087in ATB+R 15deg CR1040
10in 50T 5/8in .126in .087in ATB+R 15deg CR1050
12in 50T 1in .134in .094in ATB+R 15deg CR1250
12in 60T 1in .134in .094in ATB+R 15deg CR1260
14in 60T 1in .160in .110in ATB+R 15deg CR1460
14in 70T 1in .160in .110in ATB+R 15deg CR1470
16in 60T 1in .165in .118in ATB+R 15deg CR1660
16in 80T 1in .165in .118in ATB+R 15deg CR1680