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Stainless Steel and Ferrous Metal

Oshlun has introduced a few new blades for cutting in ferrous and stainless steel material.  These blades have a diamond or cermett tipped edges to give you longer life and better cuts in more abrasive materials like stainless steel, fiberglass, concrete and rubber.  These specialized blades can outlast standard carbide blades and can give you up to 100x the number of cuts. 

Choose from our selection of Oshlun stainless steel cutting blades below.


Diamond Tipped
DiameterTeethBoreGrindSaw TypePart #
14" N/A 1" w/ 20mm bushing diamond Chop Saw SBFD-14
Cermet Tipped
7-1/4" 36 5/8" ATB Table Saw SBFS-072536
14" 66 1" w/ 20mm bushing ATC Low RPM Dry Cut Saw SBFS-140066