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Dominator Scrapers

Mayhew Dominator professional grade capped end scrapers are uniquely designed for unparalleled strength and durability.

Dominator scrapers have a unique hardened and tempered steel shaft that extends through the handle and have a steel end cap designed to take a hammer blow without damage.

Dominator Scrapers feature:

  • Mayhew's Dominator Scrapers come in straight blade or their patented Angle Blades which gives you more hand clearance and optimal force in hard to reach places.
  • Ideal for removing gaskets, rust, paint, carbon build-up and floor tile.
  • Blades are ground for a sharp edge, and can be resharpened for continued use.
  • Capped end is in direct contact with the steel shaft to give you better striking power without damaging the handle.
  • Comfortable and secure grip with Mayhew's patented two-composite, ergonomically designed handle.
  • Special black oxide finish to protect against rust.


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