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T-Handle Considerations:

  • The Bondhus T-Handle is the best selection for applications where maximum torque is needed for insertion/extraction of screws.
  • Compared to a screwdriver handle, less effort is needed to generate comparable torque.
  • The Bondhus T-Handle is capable of producing a flywheel affect for ‘spinning’ fasteners in or out of low friction materials.
  • A common misconception is that a shorter blade can generate more torque than a longer blade. In reality, blade length has no affect on torque.

Bondhus® Advantages:

  • The slight downward angle of the handles is ergonomically superior to a straight T-Handle for comfort and functionality.
  • Cushioned feel reduces fatigue.
  • The mass of a Bondhus® T-Handle enables a flywheel affect, allowing screws to be quickly spun in or out.
  • Bondhus® T-Handles do not have ball end tips on blades that are smaller than 5/32 inches or 4MM, since a T-Handle could easily over-torque and break these smaller size ball ends.
  • 6”, 9”, and graduated blade lengths are available.
  • Bondhus® T-Screwdriver sets are securely welded to guarantee they will never loosen or slip. Handles that are friction fit, but not welded, eventually begin to wear and loosen. When the wear becomes excessive, the blade falls out of the handle.
  • Custom lengths are available on special order.
  • Protanium® Steel
  • ProGuard™ dry finish