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Downshear Flush Trim Router Bits


Downshear Flush Trim - Whiteside

Two Flute

Downshear Flush Trim bits are specially designed with angled carbide tips that create a shearing or slicing action when routing.  This results in a cleaner, smoother cut on the top of the workpiece.  

Whiteside Downshear Flush Trim Router bits are made in the USA and have a reputation for quality and dependability.  Choose from one of the standard Whiteside Downshear Flush Trim router bits below, or get a quote on a custom Flush Trim router bit.  Also, check out Whiteside's new line of Ultimate Flush Tim bits here.

Place your order for Whiteside Router bits before 2:30pm ET Mon-Fri to have your order ship same Day!

Cutting DiameterCutting LengthOverall LengthBearing NumberPart Number
1/4" SHANK
1/2" 1" 2 1/2" B3 2602
3/4" 5/8" 2 1/8" B4 2560
1/2" SHANK
1/2" 1" 3 1/4" B3 2605
3/4" 1" 3" B4 2570
3/4" 1 1/2" 3 1/2" B4 2575
3/4" 2" 4" B4 2580