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Wera KOLOSS RatchetThe Wera KOLOSS ratchet is a heavy duty 1/2" drive ratchet with hammer faces on both sides of the ratchet mechanism. The handle accepts attachments including an alignment spike and an extension for extreme torque.

The ratchet mechanism on the KOLOSS is a push-thru design, eliminating the need for a reverse lever and doing away with the possible damage from using the head as a hammer. Simply push the square drive thru to the other side when you need to switch directions.

Wera’s Koloss Ratchet is specially designed to be able to take tough blows and absolutely no blow can destroy the ratchet mechanism. With the optional extension, the KOLOSS can transfer at least 440 Ft/Lb (600Nm) of torque. Dual ratchet teeth and the minimal 6 degree return angle ensure rapid and precise screwdriving, even in confined spaces.