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Bit holders and Adapters

Wera offers a wide range of Bit Holders and Adapters with innovative design features to fit your specific tooling needs.

Wera's Impaktor Bit Holder features:

The Impaktor holder cushions extreme impulse peaks and ensures an above-average service life even under extreme conditions. The Impaktor holder also features a special torsion effect from the double-torsion spring, and is equipped with a magnet for a secure positioning of the bit and screw.

Wera's Rapidaptor and Ring Magnet Rapidaptor Bit Holders features:

The Rapidaptor allows you to change bits quickly with one hand, without any additional tools.
In the case of the ring magnet Rapidaptor model, the floating, free-turning magnetic sleeve securely holds even large and heavy screws to enable immediate application. There is no need to hold the screw when applying the tool, making it ideal for overhead work. Wera’s Rapidaptor is available in a magnetic design for easier application of the screw or a non-magnetic design that will not attract any metal filings.

Wera's Quick Change BiTorsion and Universal Holders feature:

BiTorsion holders feature a torsion zone that diverts the kinetic energy away from the drive tip during such peak loads.

Both the BiTorsion and Universal holders have a quick-release chuck for a secure, wobble-free connection that can be quickly released.

Wera's Universal Holder with Retaining Ring features:

The tried and tested chuck design that ensures that the tool is securely held in the holder - particularly in industrial applications.

Wera's Universal Holder with stainless steel sleeve also features a strong magnet for secure hold.