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Brad Point Drills - Solid Carbide


Brad Point Drills - Solid Carbide

Vortex solid carbide brad point drills feature 10mm shanks for use on boring machines or CNC routers with drill spindles. Designed for drilling blind holes in solid wood, wood composites or plastic laminated materials. Bit will leave a clean entrance hole but may cause some blow-out on the back side when drilling completely thru the panel.

Made in AmericaVortex Tool Company router bits, boring bits and CNC tooling are proudly made in the USA.

Shank Diameter Overall Length   Part #
10mm 3mm 57mm Left Hand DDS0357LO
10mm 3mm 57mm Right Hand DDS0357RB
10mm 3mm 70mm Left Hand DDS0370LO
10mm 3mm 70mm Right Hand DDS0370RB
10mm 4mm 57mm Left Hand DDS0457LO
10mm 4mm 57mm Right Hand DDS0457RB
10mm 4mm 70mm Left Hand DDS0470LO
10mm 4mm 70mm Right Hand DDS0470RB
10mm 5mm 57mm Left Hand DDS0557LO
10mm 5mm 57mm Right Hand DDS0557RB
10mm 5mm 70mm Left Hand DDS0570LO
10mm 5mm 70mm Right Hand DDS0570RB
10mm 6mm 57mm Left Hand DDS0657LO
10mm 6mm 57mm Right Hand DDS0657RB
10mm 6mm 70mm Left Hand DDS0670LO
10mm 6mm 70mm Right Hand DDS0670RB
10mm 8mm 57mm Left Hand DDS0857LO
10mm 8mm 57mm Right Hand DDS0857RB
10mm 8mm 70mm Left Hand DDS0870LO
10mm 8mm 70mm Right Hand DDS0870RB
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