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Melamine Saw Blades

Popular Tools melamine saw blades are great for cutting single and double sided laminates, coreboard and other composite materials.  Popular Tools uses a Micro-Sheen C-4 sub-micron carbide for extended life.

These blades are available in a Hollow Face Grind or Hi-ATB Tooth configuration. 

The HATB blades feature a higher angle on the top bevel(+30º) giving them an extra sharp shearing action to slice through single or double sided laminates without chipping. 

With the Hollow Face (HF) ground tooth configuration, you basically get two cutting edges on the sides of the hollow ground tooth.  As you pass the blade through the material, the teeth are planing the side of the cut.

You can use Popular Tools Melamine Saw Blades on tables saws and vertical panel saws, including European Metric machines.

Place your order for Popular Tools Saw Blades before 2:30pm ET Mon-Fri to have your order ship same Day

Orders placed after 2:30pm ET and orders placed on weekends or holidays will ship on the next business day.

DiameterTeethBore & Pinhole mmKerfPlateDesignHookPart #
180mm 36T 30mm 2.9mm 2.0mm **HF -5deg LM18036HF
8in 64T 5/8in .118in .079in HATB -5deg LM864
220mm 42T 30mm, 2/7/42 3.2mm 2.2mm **HF 10deg LMH22042*
220mm 64T 30mm, 2/7/42 3.0mm 2.2mm HATB -5deg LM22064*
250mm 80T 30mm, 2/7/42 3.2mm 2.2mm HATB -5deg LM2503080*
10in 48T 5/8in .126in .087in **HF 10deg LM1048HF
10in 80T 5/8in .102in .071in HATB 0deg LM1080X
10in 80T 5/8in .126in .087in HATB -5deg LM1080
10in 80T 5/8in .126in .087in TCG -5deg LM1080TCG
300mm 60T 30mm, 2 +2 PH 3.2mm 2.2mm **HF 10deg LMH30060
300mm 80T 30mm, 2 +2 PH 3.2mm 2.2mm HATB -5deg LM30080*
300mm 100T 30mm, 2 +2 PH 3.2mm 2.2mm HATB -5deg LM30010*
12in 80T 1in .134in .094in HATB -5deg LM1280
12in 100T 1in .134in .094in HATB -5deg LM1210
350mm 96T 30mm, 2+2 PH 3.6mm 2.8mm HATB -5deg LM3503096
14in 100T 1in .142in .110in HATB -5deg LM1410
16in 100T 1in .158in .118in HATB -5deg LM1610
18in 80T 30mm, 2+2 PH .138in .110in **HF 10deg LMHF1880

* For use on Holz-Her or Striebig vertical panel saw.
** Hollow Face Pinholes on 220mm are 2/7/42mm & on 300mm are 2/7/42 + 2/10/60mm