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CNC Collets

Keep your CNC tooling in line with these tool holding CNC collets and tool extenders from Southeast Tool. With as little as .0004" TIR your CNC tool will cut true every time.  Collets are available for drilling, milling, coolant through, and High-Speed applications.  Special Dead Nut Accurate collets are used for small drills (6mm and smaller) to maintain TIR at those smaller sizes.

Need help selecting the right collet?  Check out our handy Collet Guide Chart.

ER Collet  

ER Collets

ER collets and collet sets ER11 thru ER40.
Inch sizes for tools with shank sizes 1/16" thru 1".
Metric sizes for tools with shank sizes 7mm thru 25mm.

ER Tool Extender  

ER Tool Extenders

Tool extenders with 3/8" thru 3/4" shank for ER8 thru ER 25 collets.

Heian CNC Collet  

Heian Collets

Heian collets in Standard and Piggyback versions with 3/16" thru 3/4" ID.

Shoda Collets  

Shoda Collets

Old Style, New Style, Piggyback and Super Shoda collets with 1/8" thru 3/4" ID.

SYOZ 25 (RDO 35) CNC Collet  

SYOZ 20 & 25 Collets

SYOZ 20 & 25 (RDO 20 & 35) collets with 3mm thru 1" ID.

TG Collet  

TG Collets

TG75, TG100 and TG150 collets with 1/8" thru 1" ID.


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