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Torx L-Key Sets

Bondhus Torx (or Star tip) L-Key Sets are available in standard, screw retaining, ball end and tamper resitant tips to fit all star and Torx fasteners. Finished with ProGuard - A proprietary black corrosion protection that completely seals the tool. It is permanently bonded to the tool and will not chip or peel.

Made in AmericaBondhus Torx (Star Tip) L-Keys are manufactured in the USA to tolerances that are the toughest in the industry and have a Lifetime Guarantee. Click Here to view or download the Bondhus Technical Resource Manual for more information on how these L-keys are manufactured and tested.


Torx Key Sets In Bondhex Color Coded Case

Long Arm





ProHold® Torx Tip

BallTorx™ Tip

Torx Tip

Tamper-Resistant Tip

T6 – T25 8     LTX8S 11331 TLX8S 31832 TR-TL8S 32432
T9 – T40 8 PHTX8 71834 LTX8 11332 TLX8 31834 TR-TL8 32434
T6 – T15 6     LTX6 11346        
Short Arm        
T6 – T25 8         TLXS8S 31732    
T9 – T40 8         TLXS8 31734    


Torx Key Sets In Vinyl Pouch

Short Arm
Torx Tip
T10 – T50 9 TLX9S 12699
T7 – T55 13 TLX13S 31737