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Strap and Edge Clamps

Bessey Strap clamps and Edge clamps are the perfect clamping solutions for those irregular and hard to clamp projects.  If you are clamping irregular shapes or akward angles, Bessey's strap clamps will prove to be indespensible.  Bessey Edge clamps are the perfect aid when installing edging.  The non-slip grip jaws and the swivel pressure plate securely holds your edge banding in place.  Choose from several unique and innovative desgins that will eliminate your clamping frustrtaions and get the job done.



Variable Angle Strap Clamp


Clamping CapacityRange of AngleDesc.sku
Up to 23 ft. 60 deg - 180 deg Wooden Handle VAS-23
Up to 23 ft. 60 deg - 180 deg Non-slip 2K Handle VAS-23-2K
N/A N/A Replacement Corner clips VAC-6


Ratchet Tie-Down Clamp


Strap lengthStrap WidthClamp Forcesku
13 ft. 0.95" Up to 400 lbs BANR400


One Hand Edge Clamp


Clamp CapacityThroat DepthClamp Forcesku
2 1/8" 3" 500 lbs EKT-55



Edge Clamp


Clamp CapacityThroat Depthsku
1/2" - 2" 3" KF2
1/2" - 3" 4" KF4


Light Duty 3-Way Edge clamp


Clamp CapacityThroat DepthClamp Forcesku
2 1/2" 2 1/2" 300 lbs B-EC3


Spindle Clamps


bessey-kt5-1sm.jpg 1 spindle KT5-1CP
bessey-kf5-2sm.jpg 2 Spindle KF5-2